Dazzling Dubrovnik – A Distinguished Gentleman of Exquisite Taste!

Sponsored content Walls are clearly always built to protect treasures as well as life. In Dubrovnik this is particularly accurate, with 1,940 metres of stone surrounding one of the world’s grandest cities. The over a thousand year old history of Dubrovnik is visible in every part of the city, as “the Pearl of the Adriatic” […]

Inspiring Sicily – An Island of Alluring Magic!

Sicily is one of the pearls of Southern Italy and it should be experienced, discovered and understood through a series of itineraries dedicated to your areas of interest, ranging from nature to history and various traditions. The island has a rich and unique culture, especially with regard to the arts, music, literature, cuisine and architecture, […]

Defiant Normandy – A giant that bows to no one!

Have you ever felt that some countries stand alone like islands, even if they are most firmly lodged in a continental landmass? A wave of nostalgia and quietude that Normandy exudes at every breath, sight, lull or stroll relates without words, inspires without motion and takes you on a personal journey of profound self-discovery. Engross […]

Phenomenal Pula – The lasting legacy of the Romans!

Pula is known for its mild climate, smooth and pristine sea, magnificently unspoiled nature and incredibly unique Brijuni National Park. This grand city of the Istrian peninsula has an ancient tradition of winemaking, fishing and shipbuilding, and has customarily been one of the forerunners of Croatian tourism. Pula is packed with ancient Roman buildings, the […]

Sensational Seville – Moorish Splendour of Hercules City!

The monumental wealth of Seville is second to none and the best way of getting to know the heritage of this Andalucían city is by strolling through its striking colourful neighbourhoods. Aside from its important monuments and captivating history, Seville is the renowned birthplace of Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro, as well as a vibrant […]

Extraordinary Edinburgh – A city that rocks in so many ways!

Care to visit a tranquil city abounding in history, profound culture and awe-inspiring nature, while experiencing a dynamic pace of an advanced and superb educational hub? Then Edinburgh is surely your pick! The compelling Georgian capital of Scotland, dominated by majestic Castle Rock with Edinburgh Castle, narrates stories of past and present that will make […]

Milan – A city that can please anyone

On a trip or holiday everyone seeks what they enjoy most. Whether it’s art, food, recreation or nature, you will fulfill all your needs right here. With its various districts – each with its own unique atmosphere, its characteristic eclectic and energetic spirt, Milan is a city that can please everyone.

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